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Default Re: Boxing Writers on the Take in the Golden Era

Originally Posted by SLAKKA View Post
The evidence is overwhelming!
Both of Gene Tunneys books "Arms For Living" and "A Man Must Fight"
contain many direct associations of boxing writers of his day making it clear they appreciated "gifts" and that his Mgrs Doc Bagley and later Billy Gibson recommending to young Gene they best comply. He did.

I would be strongly influenced by what Barney Nagler had to say about Runyon and mention also, in Breslins book "Damon Runyon A Life" in the opening pages he referred to not only Runyon on the take but all the newspapers of the 1920s containing writers of all stripes who would write most anything when they got paid under the table.
Surely this is known to students of the great crash of 1929.

Lastly, Barney Nagler himself was strongly maligned in Ferdie Paccecios book "Blood In My Coffee" as himself always being the first one with his hand out to Chris Dundee and others.
No heroes, and the Lance Armstrong scandal of today contains much of the SOS!!
Slakka - other than the Pacheco and Runyon books - do you have any other sources you could point me to that would discuss this? Thanks in advance!
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