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Default Re: Recommendations for Books by/on Boxing Trainers

Originally Posted by Cmoyle View Post
* 'Master of Men. The Life's Work of William Muldoon. Champion and Trainer of Champions' by Scott Burt. 2011 softcover. I believe you can purchase this from the Bareknuckle Boxing Hall of Fame in New York.

* Seconds Out! Chats About Boxers, Their Trainers & Patrons by Fred Darnell 1924 hardcover.

* 'George Francis, Trainer of Champions' by Graeme Fife 1998 hardcover.

* 'Boxing Coach Manual. The Trainers Guide' by H. Mathews 2006 softcover.

* 'A Trainer's Memories' by John McGuigan 1946 hardcover.
Mr. Moyle, Thank you very, very much. This is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to obtain.

If I may humbly ask your opinion, who were the top 5-10 greatest trainers in boxing history?
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