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Default Re: Mundine Guarantees a KO in the third Geale fight

Originally Posted by oli View Post
I'm getting thoroughly sick and bored of all you Mick Dundees making toss off threads about **** fighters like Mundine and his like. Plus is Daniel Geale a world champion or just the ****ing champion of Victoria and NSW? Because if he's a world champ then for ****s sake go to world level and stop wasting time trying to show that he's the best of a bad bunch of bums in Australia.

Do something that actually ****ing matters in world boxing
The loser starting all these threads is a pommy troll.

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
Thin ice Sox.

Mundine did the cleaner work, the scoring criteria for pro boxing is: clean punching, effective aggressiveness, ring generalship, and defence.

Geale arguably had the ring generalship in the sense he pushed Choc back a lot, the other 3 criteria were all Mundine.

Shut up.

Standard response to the harsh truth I tell you about yourself
**** off troll
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