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Default Re: Mundine Guarantees a KO in the third Geale fight

Originally Posted by oli View Post
I'm getting thoroughly sick and bored of all you Mick Dundees making toss off threads about shit fighters like Mundine and his like. Plus is Daniel Geale a world champion or just the ****ing champion of Victoria and NSW? Because if he's a world champ then for ****s sake go to world level and stop wasting time trying to show that he's the best of a bad bunch of bums in Australia.

Do something that actually ****ing matters in world boxing
The loser starting all these threads is a pommy troll.

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
Thin ice Sox.

Mundine did the cleaner work, the scoring criteria for pro boxing is: clean punching, effective aggressiveness, ring generalship, and defence.

Geale arguably had the ring generalship in the sense he pushed Choc back a lot, the other 3 criteria were all Mundine.

Shut up.

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**** off troll
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