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Default Re: The rise and rise of Australia's own Daniel Geale

Quotes on the Geale vs Mundine fight from Dan Raphael - ESPN >>>

"Geale, who I consider the best middleweight in the world not named Sergio Martinez, outclassed Mundine in a battle of Australians as Geale gained revenge for his only loss, a 12-round split decision against Mundine in 2009. Since then, Gealeís star has risen while the overrated Mundineís has sunk".

"The rematch was an entertaining fight, but it was all Geale, who didnít look like he had even been in a fight afterward. The scores were all for Geale, 117-111, 117-111 and 116-112. As far as I am concerned it wasnít even that close".

"I had it 119-109 for Geale".

"Mundine is obviously living in a fantasy world, because after the fight, he tweeted, ďHate seriously blind people! I dictated (the fight), caught him with more shots and power shots! Told you this would happen if didnít KO him.Ē

"Mundine has always been a sore loser, so itís no surprise that he is as delusional as ever".

"But forget Mundineís nonsense. This is about Geale (29-1, 15 KOs), a fine fighter who romped to victory in an encore to his upset split decision win against Felix Sturm (in Germany) in September to unify middleweight belts, even though he was forced to vacate one of the titles in order to take this big-money rematch with Mundine instead of facing Gennady Golovkin in a mandatory defense".

"Iíd love to see Geale-Golovkin as much as anyone, but I canít blame Geale for going home for a big fight for big money instead of facing the very dangerous Golovkin for less money".
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