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Default Re: Starting out at 31

Originally Posted by det View Post
Started boxing at 31 (7 months ago) after playing football (both 11 and 5 a side) all my life, and wanting a new challenge. I've always loved boxing and respect the sacrifice fighters make. Started in July last year, and its like a bug. I've stopped drinking (have a few every couple of months) and am trying to eat,live, exercise right out of the gym. I'll be in the gym 4-5 hours a week. My coach reckons i should go for an amatuer fight within the next 6-8 months. Are there any other late starters on the forum?? Most of my mates/workmates say i'm too old but not really bothered what they say. Close friends and family, and people at the gym say go for it, so thats what im plannin to do!
Well AIBA approved bodies have a age limit of 34 in amatures, others do not. Some kickboxing orgs have world championships for over 40 something people. Many of the competitions are not even full contact. I think this is one of those orgs based in US here is the website
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