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Default Re: I'm a pro boxer; any questions about pro boxing let me know?

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Emotion can only spark something, it can never keep it burning. Everybody who is a master at anything explains being in the zone as autonomous, completely emotionless. If you're emotional you're not in the moment, and being in the moment is vital for success. Brain scans looking at activity in psychopaths and various experts performing their task show that brain activation is remarkably similar. Cold, calculated, unafraid and focusing only on what is in front of you right now. The same brain activity is found in buddhist monks.
Emotional regulation is the key to optimal performance, when a psychopath or an expert is confronted with a task they experience the same adrenaline and increased heart rate in anticipation as a 'normal' person, when the activity or situation begins the psychopath and expert actually slow their heart rate down and become calm in the face of adversity, that emotional stuff is buried and they're focused completely on their task. The person who gets emotional has their heart rate increase further, they go into survival mode and make poor decisions. If you're extremely fatigued or not switched on then some emotion can help performance for a short time, but that's only a brief surge.
Train your ability to turn on that cold switch, that focus switch. When you're emotional you're not focused.
I've been reading up about meditation and it seems it's about living in the moment, seeing thoughts as just thoughts, and accepting your given situation as it is and then trying from that to make the best decision. Hope that made sense.

Actually there doesn't seem to be any negative side to meditation.

Just wanted to hear your opinion on meditation.

Sorry for hijacking your thread BB.
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