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Default Re: Muhammad Ali very ill

Originally Posted by LeBeave View Post
Not saying these are my feelings, just expressing that some of the older generation i have spoke to over the years wouldn't classify him as the definition of a hero.

I'm too young to have seen him fight in his prime and stand up for he's refusal to go to war, I can only go on what has been said over the years. I guess some older people didn't like the fact how he went about race issues and calling other blacks uncle Toms...... Some others may say he was a misogynist towards women, i do note touching up his wife is also swept under the carpet.


Hero.... not so sure
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The way he turned on people who helped him out when he was in a financial mess was really low class.
Calling other black fighters uncle toms wasn't cool and It's well known he used to bash his wife.
These arn't exactly the traits of a hero,the guy was a great boxer but he was a narcissist if ever there was one.
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