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Default Re: What are your views on Amir Khan?

Originally Posted by AndyPaterson View Post

Thick as pig ****, good offensive ****nal but does not have a defence and he has no chin regardless what he tries to sell us.

Tells us he is a "superstar" after telling he would have been a superstar is he "were white" and that he is this big draw. Contrast his attendances in America and it proves he couldn't draw flies to ****e.

Goes on about wanting fighters to respect each other but seems to think that he is exempt for this statement!

The man is a fud!
It's the truth, when Amir said 'white' he meant being 'White British'. Without a doubt, he would be a bigger draw in Britain. I can see nothing wrong with his statement. This has nothing to do with White British fans being racist or anything else for that matter. Majority of people, regardless of race/ethnicity are more willing to go to extra lengths and take a more avid interest when one of their 'own' is fighting.

Anyway, Amir, is a K0 waiting to happen. If he had sensible people around him, he would take his time to develop his ability and would definitely be fighting more than twice in 2013. He desperately needs to work on his mentality, and is fortunate because he's got Ward in his camp who's arguably got the best mentality in boxing. Ward always comes across as assured, calm and never flustered, this is seen in the ring and outside of the ring. Amir needs to develop this approach, his time for desperately trying to 'prove' his critics wrong has come and gone.
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