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Default Re: What are your views on Amir Khan?

Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
It's the truth, when Amir said 'white' he meant being 'White British'. Without a doubt, he would be a bigger draw in Britain. I can see nothing wrong with his statement. This has nothing to do with White British fans being racist or anything else for that matter. Majority of people, regardless of race/ethnicity are more willing to go to extra lengths and take a more avid interest when one of their 'own' is fighting.

I can see where he's coming from but it's not true, plenty of white boxers with great AM careers have had way less publicity in Britain and Europe than Amir did when he turned pro, terrestrial TV, national news, every casual knows who Amir Khan is, and being a ****stani gave him a big following too don't forget, it's a two sided coin

perhaps "If I was white I'd be a superstar" should be changed to "If I didn't lose my Sky PPV debut via KO in less than a minute I'd be a superstar" I remember that night, Khan nay-sayers like to laugh about that KO, but it was a serious, serious embarrassment at the time
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