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Default Re: What are your views on Amir Khan?

Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
You have to take into consideration that Amir was a Silver medallist, and in that Olympic year, he was the only boxer who secured a medal. Not really a fair comparison to those boxers with great AM careers. As we've seen with the current crop of boxers who have been successful at the Olympics, it brings a great deal of publicity. However, you're definitely right about it being a 'two sided coin' as he most definitely got extra publicity due to his background.

Amir, has only himself to blame and the people around him. As for that knockout, it was one of the major reason for me becoming a fan of Amir's.

Just like any other medalist, he did the country proud by gaining a medal. A 'hero'? You're definitely a troll. He maybe popular amongst the extremely affluent people in ****stan, However, the common man in ****stan will never have heard of him and would hardly take an interest in him. Amir hasn't captivated his own ****stani community in Britain, how on earth has he done it in ****stan?
I know what you're saying, but back when he turned pro he got a lot of hate from casual racists, but people grabbed onto that and it distracted from his actuall flaws as a fighter, so when people said he couldn't in-fight, he couldn't take a punch, he reached in too much, his fans cried "you just don't like him because you're racist"

khan not only had a silver medal at 17 and the hype behind him, but he also had a style that was a dream for casual fans, where we saw a guy who wasn't planting his feet enough against blown up superfeathers, casuals saw a guy with blistering handspeed unloading combinations and looking a million dollars, so criticising him raised eyebrows amongst the geenral public
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