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Default Re: What are your views on Amir Khan?

I'm from NW England, not that it should really matter....

He's entertaining, I always watch his fights partly because he is fast and offensively minded (despite being limited) and partly because he has flaws which mean you might get to see a spectacular chicken dance if his opponent is half decent. He doesn't really have boring fights, he's an ok boxer with huge natural ability but that ability is strapped to a brain the size of a g****.

Never really warmed to him as a person/public figure, started to like him after the Garcia loss because he became quite humble and genuinely looked devastated in interviews. The next week he was back to his usual delusional self.

He's definitely a hard person to like, a lot of boxers are kinda tongue-in-cheek bragarts but Khan genuinely believes the **** he spouts and makes idiotic claims. The way he treated peterson (pre drugs test) was disgraceful, acting like the boxing world revolved around him when he needs to realise outside Bolton nobody really gives a ****.

Hopefully Garcia brought him down to earth for good and we can see a boxer who actually works on his game rather than brags about how elite he is.
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