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Default Re: Alexander injured, Brook fight postponed

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I'm saying Mr. Hearn slipped a fiver in to Devon's back pocket with a little note saying:

Dear Mr. Alexander

This is new age promoting, go and buy yourself some sweeties with the fiver, I put it there earlier with this note. I've heard those Kit-Kat Chunky's are amazing. Not that I want to influence your decision....

Anyway, listen, forget this fight Dev mate, your to big for it! You know what I mean me old china? Me old mucker?

I'm "suggesting" you hurt yourself Dev, back arttttttttttt, claim an injury, Injury Lawyers for you n' all that malarky. They'll sort it.

We'll give you a packet of Jelly Babies to vacate the belt, and a packet of Prawn ****tail crisps to keep SHTUM about this.

Failure to meet set requirements, will mean team Hearn will be sending someone around for a visit.


Now do as your told boy, or you'll do yourself an injury! You hear?


Hugs and Kisses.


(Devon Alexander has been frightened and intimidated that much he is backing out of the fight fearing for his life!)
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