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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

i watched the fight again just now. And i still have rounds 3-5 for Edgar.

the funny thing is. Aldo pretty much did nothing for the 4th and 5th rounds, but in the final 10 secons of round 5, he hit Edgar with a funky looking superman punch off of the cage. Id bet my bottom dollar that left a mark in the judges mind, and he probably won the round with only 1 punch.

i personlly break rounds down into halves, or time segments as such.

the way i see it, if we just say Aldo won the first half of a round, and was quite active in doing so, but then Edgar did more than Aldo in the second half, but not as clearly winning the round as the first half guy, i would go with the guy that won the first half of the fight. If you know what i mean.

i think judges in both mma and boxing, have a tendency to forget the start of the round, and generally give the round to whoever win the last minute or so. Its a flawed system and quite narrow minded way of scoring a fight imo. But thats just the way it goes.

either way. It was still a very entertaining fight
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