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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I was drunk when I watched the fight, so I admittedly might need to rewatch it as I didn't keep a running scorecard. But Edgar didn't cause any damage that I recall. He was always responding to Aldo's movements, was unable to hold his ground, and was generally doing enough to be competitive without doing enough to win the round.

Aldo wasn't following him around aimlessly, he was pressing the action. He landed the best shot of the round (and the fight) in round 3, and he was never taken outside of his comfort zone.

Edgar didn't get blown out of the water, but he didn't control the tempo of the fight either. He buzzed around, tried to avoid Aldo's strikes, and landed several meaningless shots that didn't seem to affect Aldo at all.

The 3rd round is what is causing the contention

There was no "clear winner" of that round - just check out the posts in here - its totally split
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