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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I don't recall Edgar landing any clean strikes that really got Aldo's attention or caused a reaction from me or my friends. Aldo's kick to the face certainly did.

I also don't recall Edgar taking ground away from Aldo, forcing him to move anywhere he didn't want to move.

I remember a lot of movement from Edgar, but not much constructive aggression. Not much in the way of making Aldo uncomfortable.

Like I said, I remember the round being competitive, but I remember at the time turning to my friend and saying "3-0 Aldo", and he responded "yep."

Though, again as I said, I was drunk and haven't rewatched the fight.

Sure man

Of course round 4 was Frankies best - R3 was contentious, round 5 was pretty close too

R1 and 2 Aldo destroyed

What shocked me was how much bigger Aldo was in there. It looked like he was in a different weight class
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