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Default Re: Soliman beats Sturm. Does Geale take the fight or drop the IBF MW title?

Originally Posted by Brownbomber1 View Post
Im not the only person here who knows of the rumours of sparring.

So he will fight some African Mandatory that no one knows anything about here in Aus, but he shouldn't fight Soliman, who stepped aside so Geale could get his pay day against Mundine, they are both Aussie, makes much more sense that his mandatory against the African... Something is fishy....
From memory they sparred some 5-6 years ago. Sam fought a sub-par Sturm the other day. Sturm looked nothing like when he fought Geale. Good timing for Soliman, fighting fighters that have been broken by Geale, he's done that a couple of times now hasnt he? So 5-6 years on, Geale has no problem retiring Soliman. Sparring 5-6 years ago, Good try.

**** who know what about who in oz, do your research. Fact is, Sam is a non-event, hard to sell, and brings what to the table? Everything has to be done for him, at Least with Mundine, he brings ticket sales to the table. If Geale ends up having to fight Soliman, so be it, but its a waste of time and money, a no point bout.
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