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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

Originally Posted by chrisbonnie View Post
i actually agree.

i scored rounds 3,4 and 5 to Edgar.

Saying that though, and i do see why Aldo go the decision. Even though i thought Frankie won these 3 rounds, he won them by scoring points, as opposed to inflicting damage. But i suppose technically, thats all you need to do to win rounds.

Frankie has an inept ability to adapt in the middle of a fight. I think besides his obviously physical talents, this ability he has at figuring out his opponents mid-fight is by and away his greatest asset.

id actually bet on Frankie to do the job on Aldo in a rematch. He's so bloody clever.

But as i stated, although i scored the final 3 rounds to Frankie, i wouldnt complain about the decision. But i would certainly complain about the judges scorecards, they where outrageous
I gave rounds one and two to Aldo. They were clear Aldo Rounds. I thought round three was closer. Aldo did more in the first half of the round, Edgar did some things in the last half. I favored Aldo because I thought he was the harder striker. I thought round four was a clear Edgar round. Round five was close also, but again I favored Aldo's heavier strikes. I thought the right man got the decision. I wouldn't of had an issue with a draw, or a 3-2 score for Edgar. Aldo's cardio sucks. It makes fights more competitive than they would be if he had a five round gas tank. With a five round tank of gas, the fight would have looked like the first two rounds, in all five rounds, and Edgar may not have made it to the final bell.
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