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Default Re: Aaron Pryor vs Oscar De La Hoya @ 140, how do you guys see this?

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
We know what Oscar did with aggressive fighters with two left feet and who had one gear; he chewed them up. He tames him during the first three rounds and is in command from then on.

Either decision or later stoppage for Oscar. Probably decision.
Hmmm... I don`t recall Aaron Pryor being the one trick pony you are alluding him to be, especially one with two left feet and with one gear no less. Pryor was quite the effective and polished boxer-puncher if he so chose to fight that way, which was admittedly not quite that often but he could alter his style of fighting on the fly if necessary.

And while he was a pedal to the metal type of fighter at heart, he could and often did slow the pace of his fights if necessary by fighting off the backfoot and firing off a snappy and fairly accurate jab to set up his combinations with once he went back on the attack, Pryor was a more versatile fighter than given credit for in my opinion.

Now as far as this fantasy matchup is concerned I can envision Oscar having some initial success for the first half of the fight, maybe scoring a knockdown or two along the way while keeping Pryor more or less at th end of his reach. But if Pryor can survive Oscar`s power and keep a up high pace to keep Oscar working hard for his gains then I think once the bout gets into the later rounds Oscar might well be in some trouble especially over 15 rounds.

With all that said I ain`t got a real accurate prediction to give and am tired of typing anyway, so lets just say I lean towards a Pryor win by decision, 70/30 split in favour of a win for "The Hawk" sounds about right to me.
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