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Default Re: Did jack Johnson drew a color line himself?

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post

1 ) In 1914 the NSC offered Johnson 6000, which was approximately $30,000, to face Langford. Johnson called the offer "ridiculous" and rejected it. (Townsville Daily Bulletin, 17th Feb 1914)

2 )French promoter Theodore Vienne says he offered Johnson $25,000 and then $30,000 to meet Langford in Paris. Johnson turned him down. Johnson's continual refusal to meet the best challengers led to the French Boxing Federation stripping him of the title (Winnipeg Tribune, 27th Dec 1913)

3 ) McIntosh made a series of offers to Johnson: $60,000 to fight Langford, McVey and Jeannette in Australia (NYT 9 Dec 1912); $30,000 for an unnamed opponent that the author presumes to be Langford (NYT 26th June 1912); $40,000 for Langford and McVey with $5000 expenses and a $10,000 forfeit (NYT 9th August 1912). Then there was a reported $100,000 to fight Langford and Jeannette in Australia and Flynn in Paris (NYT Oct 12 1912)

And so on and so on. You can find tons of similar offers stretching from soon after Johnson beat Burns right up to his loss to Willard. The interest was there, the money was there and Johnson still wouldn't accept. You may dismiss all that as hate and remain bigoted and agenda driven on the subject.

PS: This post is also directed at those who want and see sources. I provided three above. There are more...
Peggy Bettinson the matchmaker and promoter as well as the erstwhile General Secretary of the NSC offered Johnson $5000 to fight Langford with Johnson to pay his own expenses.

This is Johnson's written reply.

" I don't see that the National Sporting Club has the right to dictate to me as to how much I shall receive for my appearance ,and boxing ability.If they don't want to give my price,[ which is thirty thousand dollars,] win , lose, or draw, they can call things off.I am a boxing man and can now get my price,and I dont care what the public thinks."

Here is a cable dated Feb 9th 1914 ,presented ,and published in the newspaper The Argus. The National Sporting Club offers Jack Johnson 3000 to defend his title against Sam Langford in London , the purse to be split 60/40.No film rights to either boxer .
Johnson was getting ready to defend against Moran ,he stated in print he would fight Langford for 6000. .

Stop with the bull****.

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