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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I thought Aldo won, but disagree with this. I think Edgar looked like he had some pop in his punch this fight. Edgar was facing much larger men a lightweight, began his career against experienced guys, and is wrestler that learned to strike when preparing for mma. I think his punches are getting heavier as he is gaining experience.

If he keeps fighting at 145, I expect him to score some jaw dropping knock outs.

i respectfully disagree, aldo's face afterwards shows how he lacks power not only that but edgars technique is his biggest downfall for his punch power
-very little movement from the legs when he punches
-his hip pops and turns are short in movement
-does not plant his feet as he is bouncing in and out using speed
-he releases his hands too quick which means his shoulders do not get incorporated into the punch enough, watch his straight right for example his punch finishes and his shoulder is still too far back losing out on power
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