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Default Re: Edgar beat Aldo on my card

For one reason or another, judging hugely differs, even in rounds where the overwhelming majority can agree on the victor. The 49-46 card tells us all we need to know. It was sad because as soon as that card was read you know who the winner is and the suspense of a close fight has been killed and disrespected.

I felt Frankie took 3, 4 and 5 but I would cry robbery tongue in cheek because Frankies missed out on another close fight.

I think the reality is that Frankie is a points scorer and is simply not viewed as a hurt fighter. Because of this he struggles to win close rounds which the judge seems to give to the other guy based on what may appear a more defining strike or two.

Tough times for Frankie but I think he has to review his game. Despite the energy, mobility and striking seeming enough to many, he now has to introduce some moves that appear to carry some hurt - some big take downs, the odd overhand right etc Moves/moments that can define a round as using the fundamental strikes don't seem to appear violent enough and have lost him another big fight.

The first two rounds looked worrying, Aldo had some sick timing and you felt it was going to get real painful real quick for Frankie BUT the energy, mobility and workrate come into play and suddenly its a controversial result. You've got to love Fe though.
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