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Originally Posted by Azzer85 View Post
Ducked/Avoided/Delayed Ruddock - But when they did fight Tyson pushed Ruddocks **** in, not once but twice. Tyson RUINED Ruddock. So your point is completely irrelevant.Tyson was meant to fight Holyfield but Buster caused the upset. Buster wouldnt give Tyson the rematch and instead faced Holyfield. Holyfield took the title but didnt fight Tyson, he decided to face Foreman instead. So Tyson went on to beat the **** out of Ruddock in the meantime. Its not Tysons fault if Holy decided on Foreman rather than Tyson.Foreman was not even relevant until round the same Tyson was fighting Ruddock. The only reason Foremans status was elevated was because of his loss against Holyfield, around this same time Tyson was warring with Ruddock. So they couldnt have fought. After prison, Tyson went after the titles and Holyfield. Getting the titles back and fighting Holyfield was always more of a priority than Foreman. Ive already done this in previous threads, Both Bill Cayton and Don Kings fightplan had Foreman on there, but only AFTER Tyson beats Holyfield. None of that materialised and Tyson left King for FInkel in 1997.Tyson cleaned out the entire 80s including Holmes, yet you have to pick out that Tyson 'ducked' Spoon. Theres 2 reasons why this fight never happened. Tim Witherspoon and Tim Witherspoon.First reason, Spoon lost to Smith. The same Smith Tyson took the title from. Not Tysons problem if Spoon lost to Smith, Thats Spoons fault. In fact, Spoon was Kod in the first round in that fight.Secondly, Spoon was managed by Carl and Don King, he foolishly decided to sue the Kings, so they blackballed him out of the division and made sure he doesnt get any paydays. Once again, that wasnt Tysons fault.Tyson wouldnt duck Frazier, he would wipe the floor with him. Tyson has an easier time with Frazier than he ever did with Holmes, Holyfield or Lewis because as i said before, he wouldnt have to go far to look for Joe.People keep going on about Fraziers stamina etc, however it would not come into the equation for this fight because Frazier isnt going to be around for that long.The last thing you want, is to be a slow starter and have a style like Fraziers and try and fight a guy like Tyson head on.
Tyson has also stated that Ruddock ruined himself too, not surprised they were wars
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