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Default Re: Your first time sparring

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
some of that is just the mental aspect..and the only way you will get past that is doing the rounds. But it is also possible you have been doing allot of slow steady training..which has its purpose..but maybe start doing some bag drills like 21s with someone who pushes you..and 1 minute all out bag drills.

another thing is find a decently steep hill...say half a mile up as hard as you can for 3 minutes (assuming those are the rounds you are doing..if you are doing 2 minute rounds..than run for three) than walk down for one minute..than back up for 2 minutes...try to get up to 3 sessions.
Thanks for the advice. Half my problem i think is im to large on the upper body from years of weight training and minimal cardio. Been told to cut out the weights for a bit.
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