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Default Re: When to wear 16 oz gloves

Originally Posted by JDK View Post
It's always those MMA guys or active military individuals who I assume don't feel right wearing the proper heavier glove.
I don't mind it a whole lot when they come in and spar with the experienced boxers, but they always jump in at opportunistic times with more or less noobs. That's what grinds my gears.
In my case it was always a proper boxer who knew what they were doing, which makes it even worse. At the same time, I took the punches well and didn't complain until it was obvious I was hurt or got knocked over. So maybe I just looked too composed for my partner to pick up on. My trainer was generally against overly hard sparring but never stopped us mid-spar until it was obvious. The guys were nice outside of the ring and all, but didn't pull their punches at all, despite being bigger (much so in one case) and more experienced. I got caught against the ropes once and felt what I call my "Erik Morales" bubbling up, the instinct to fire back in anger, but I controlled myself. Next time I'm just going to let fly, and without the pillows I had before.
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