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Default Re: Geale takes Mandy to school yesterday, and his daughter today

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Gee, I picked the fight to a tee back in October.

Anyway, the way I see this fight going is Geale will be in control from the first round.
Mandy will have the odd round showing a glimmer of his old self, but naturally won't be able to continue this for any length of time. These moments will pressure Geale a little, but nothing to rattle him.

Geale will use his angles and volume to keep Mandy out of his comfort zone.
Mandy has never been great under a lot of pressure, and this is what Geale will be trying to do, constantly.

Geale is not not fazed by flurries, as he returns them immediately, twice as much.

Stamina will be an issue for Mandy at this pace, but again, not a problem for Geale. Geale will be using his superb footwork and movement to dance around him.

Based on their first fight, Geales improvement and age, Mandys slide and age, I just can't see how Mandy can with this. I can't even see how he'll manage to win more than 2-3 rounds.
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