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Default How Do You counter The Counter Jab ?

I was watching somebody spar yesterday and well he was a first timer sparring a guy that had a decent amount of experience and the more experienced guy wouldn't throw anything and just wait for him to jab and then catch or parry and then jab right away himself and i havnt sparred him yet myself but it got me thinking of what i would do against him since it got the other guy not commiting to his jab and hesitating to throw it. Im thinking about it cause i'm all jabbing and havnt had a guy that just waits until you throw the jab, so far i'm going to throw lead rights and lead left hooks but i like working off the jab mainly what would you do against this guy? (his guard is both hands up by his face with his palms facing inwards pretty much like this)
I was also thinking about throwing overhand rights to pass around his left glove
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