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Default Re: How Do You counter The Counter Jab ?

Be careful assuming that he will always counter the jab.

You can catch his jab, so it goes you jab he catches, he jabs you catch easiest way to do this is probably put your right glove in a position to catch his jab as you throw your own, depending on how far he commits to his jab you can try throwing a left hook as you catch his jab and you might catch his coming in. Again, don't assume he will always throw his jab after catching yours.

A jab to the body is also effective here, because he can't catch & counter that.

Also you can jab knowing he is going to catch and counter it. Throw your jab, and then change levels and fire a straight right to the body, this should make his jab fly over your right shoulder.

Try and mix it up and be unpredictable, after he gets countered a few times he should become hesitant and throwing that same counter jab.
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