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Default Re: How Do You counter The Counter Jab ?

Originally Posted by daly5050 View Post
I don't think so.. unless ALL he does is counter the jab, which I doubt.

Basically you are saying you are going to abandon your jab because you are scared he will counter it, what happens if he starts countering your right hand and left hook too?

Of course you can mix it up a bit to keep him guessing but I would suggest sticking with the jab shoot it high then low, double it up ect but don't just abandon it for no real reason.
Oh i meant just include it so im not just jabbing the entire time trying to go off what hes doing the whole time, i dont want what he does to dictate how it goes the whole time so i want to be the one leading and have him worrying about what i'm going to do thats just why i thought of the lead right and left hook
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