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Default Re: Boxing & Strength & Conditioning

I am sure that whatever I say Dealt and virus will come in and disgree.

However, as a rule, I would say that if you are fighting...the boxing related sports specific work should be your some stuff that is really conditioning work will be be done during your boxing workouts (jump rope for example..some would argue that is really not sports specific enough not to qualify as general conditioning work... I would say you should be doing boxing workouts that last for at least 90 minutes 5 times a week. Of that some rounds should be heavybag, double end bag, mitts and or sparring, than some lighter stuff like slip bag rope drills.

than maybe 3 days of strength training a week....and 3 days of running a week. you might do strength m w f...running t th and sat....and boxing m-f (just as a example) as you get closer to a fight you might consider picking up your workouts 4 weeks out for 2 very hard week like what i mentioned...than the last week easy with plenty of days running..and mostly just skill work and some low impact boxing work (that is assuming you fight once every few months..if you fight will have to approach it more old school).
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