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Default Re: Why didn't Naseem Hamed ever fight properly again after Barrera?

Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
I'm not obsessed with Hamed. The vast majority of the time, I couldn't be bothered responding to threads about him, and there are so many. All I did was ask legitimate questions about what was written. If you don't want to answer them, that's your problem. And if you don't like reading what I write, nobody is holding a gun to your head demanding you read and/ or respond to what I write. This is an open forum, you know. So sorry you're so sensitive concerning this issue. Btw, I love your above comment about Bungu and MAB, lol.
The fact your laughing shows your ignorance. MAB hadn't got a particularly impressive resume pre-Hamed, his stand out win been Mcckinney. Bungu beat Mckinney twice and beat him before MAB, he was a champion for 7years. Ofcourse barrera deserved the decision against Morales, which would tip his achievement over. MAB had also been battered twice by Junior Jones.

Retrospectively MAB is Hamed's best opponent and he was the nearest prime and the most talented but his achievements at the time weren't that impressive
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