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Default Re: Ward's a more complete fighter than Calzaghe ...

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
I had it scored a bit wider for Calzaghe but Bika was brought up due to the inside fighting remark. All the infighting for Ward was razor thin action but Calzaghe especially in the last few rounds (been a while since iv watched it) really started to get the better of it inside.

Did Ward go from being a 190lbs to 220lb HW?

I wasn't catagorically discarding the knockdowns, i was noting the inconsistancy with INTBUTT's comment towards their relevancy. You've once again disregarded the context and as i previously mentioned aren't worth my time. Trying joining the discussion when you have the reading comprehension of a 8 year old.
haha damn you can almost see calzaghe fan's eyes well up with tears through the computer screen when you say anything that is percieved as a slight.

grow the **** up son and stop acting like the load your mom should have swallowed.

i actually like calzaghe and was happy as hell when he destroyed Lacy, but got damn some of his fans.... what a joke.
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