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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Yeah, Saensak's chin was finally cracked that night.

I think Saensak won a fair few of the middle rounds as Kim was a bit too evasive and Saensak was landing the cleaner and harder shots but he's so horrible to watch it's hard to ever score rounds for him.

Watched most of Saensak-Perico Fernandez II; very interesting defensive technique from Saensak there (no kidding) although I'm probably kore surprised that he bothered to duck at all.

Kim was not bad at all. I have him Vs...hmm....cannot remember the chaps name (criminal, sorry) but it's his title defence. Obviously I have a bit of Mamby blasting him. But he wasn't always the horrifically bad fighter that Pryor steamrolled.

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