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Default Re: When to wear 16 oz gloves

Originally Posted by JDK View Post
I'm always more concerned about sparring partners who swing wild and mostly do their punching while trading. They can't control their movements or power and are mostly looking to survive in there. That's why they look for the upper hand with the lighter sized gloves (not to mention their physical size).
Staying inside and tight against them always neutralizes their heavy swings while landing faster on them. They mostly stay shelled up and clinch a lot, but sooner or later they do land those unorthodox punches.
I don't understand their methods since they learn close to nothing and they'll be competing against guys their size. But I shouldn't really complain because I'm the one who chooses to jump in with them.
Mother****ers is all I have to say

My issue is I'm a tall fighter, so I just end up walking into their shots if I can't bait them into leading.
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