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Default Re: 2013: ++Domestic Prospects: Time for New Additions ++

Originally Posted by Smoggy7188 View Post
Politics, research, campaigning, charity work. Been unemployed for about 5months now and had 2 interviews out of 80applications so its ****ing tough out there. 60quid a month sounds crazy. I remember when I had to pay 2quid a week for our training but is was on a field in middle of hartlepool covered in dog ****, jumpers for posts and pitches as bumpy as luke chadwicks skin. Im looking for work in london, so if anything comes off and its a big if and i move down there ill help you train the keepers.
I remember coaching a kid and he slid in for a tackle and his knees were covered in dog mess!. He tried wipe it off with his brand new Liverpool top .

Nice one mate, Will hold ya to that offer as well . Your right though it's tough man seriously tough times. Let me know if you do move down good. Sounds like you work in many fields as well .
Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
I love it, probably my favourite division

Jumah looked good on his debut, a little upright & stiff like most ex-kickboxers are but sets up his back hand nicely. Crunching body shot 1st round ko
Cheers Mo, Will check it out. Sounds exciting for Saturday another KO on it's way. Like that he's signed abroad shows no fear.

I got to say it dawned on me the other week how good the Cruiserweights are. Great division for excitement.
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