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Default Re: Botha: I'm going to take him out quick

Originally Posted by ButtBread View Post
I'd imagine Botha has a pretty decent amount of money. Assuming he doesn't have tons of illegitimate kids, he should be a millionaire or close to it. How much would he need to be paid to completely disgrace himself and take a **** on a great career? $250,00? As Swingin suggested, it's not easy for a South African who lives in the US to be paid $250,000 illegally in Australia and get it back in the country. Not even mentioning the risk of legal woes, including a possible prison stint.

If he wins, he can get a couple more fights as an opponent for legit young guys like Pianeta, and he'll be well paid for those fights as well. Legally and without risk. If he loses, those opportunities probably fade. So factor that in.

This isn't some guy who has a day job mowing lawns.

Why would he show up in decent shape for the fight if he was just planning to take a dive? Is he planning to transition into a career as a swim suit model?

Other than that though, I like the theory.
He's 44 his recent record is abysmal and still fighting. I doubt he's flush with cash but who knows.
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