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Default 1970's 'Best of the Rest' Heavyweight Tournament: First Round (Part Three)

I have decided to do a 1970's Heavyweight tournament. I have included 32 of the better fighters who did not gain general recognition as Heavyweight Champion, so no Frazier, Foreman, Ali, Spinks and Holmes.

For the sake of not clogging up the board, and making it a bit faster, I will be using multiple fights in a thread, with multiple options for people to vote. I will not vote, other than to break a tie. All fights will be over 15 rounds. The draw was done at random, and with no one seeded.

Just one final thing, it is a 70's tournament, thus try and ****yse the fighters at their 70s peak, even if they peaked in their career before or after the decade.

The rest of the first round:

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