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Default Re: Guerrero wanted $4 million. Floyd only willing to give $2.5 million

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
Why wouldn't the JMM fight sell? Now that JMM has crushed Pacquiao, people are willing and want to see that rematch....

A lot of posters here want to as well including myself

So many people in America/Mexico/Different parts of Europe (Britain mostly) want to see this match again now that Marquez can make WW comfortably
Because the hardcore fans want to see it.

The casual fans who make up most of the PPVs don't.

Casual fans remember Floyd holding back and lightly teeing off on Marquez. Casual fans remember Marquez being knocked with a simple left. And then watching Floyd easily outbox him for 12 rounds.

Great rematch for hardcore fans.

****ty rematch for casual fans. It won't sell.
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