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Default Re: looks like Klitschko-Pianeta

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
I feel you, was waiting for this...

The difference is that Floyd fights in a very strong division (WW-JMW) with plenty of willing and deserving challengers that we'd all love to see him fight. Yet he usually fights only once a year and it's rarely against the boxers we'd like to see him face (normally due to him not wanting to make those fights). It's not as if he's extending offers to everyone and being shamelessly ducked.

Am I excited about Klitschko-Pianeta? **** no! But how can you blame Wlad? He's tried to get Povetkin in the ring for years but gets ducked. It took him years (and serious concessions) to get Haye in the ring. In the past he sent offers to Valuev and other top contenders/titlists and was declined. So at this point it's either fight somebody like Jennings (who's just not ready yet) or a guy like Pianeta. What do you want him to do - not fight? Instead, Wlad takes this "stay busy" match then hopes to get the legit fight with Povetkin (#2 HW behind Vitali) in the summer.

I'm not defending Klitschko-Pianeta or saying it's the greatest match up ever, but I'd rather the champion fight somebody in between big bouts then simply sit on the sidelines and not fight at all. If Floyd fought 3 times a year (2 stay busy fights and 1 big fight) I really couldn't complain; especially if he didn't charge $60 PPV for each bout.
So it's everyone's fault but Wlad's? How is it Floyd's fault? Arum has kept all his fighters away from him. Funny how it's OK for others though...

****, when Floyd was even WITH Arum, Arum wouldn't let him fight Margarito and Oscar back to back when renewing his contract. Instead Floyd had to leave and end up fighting Baldomir instead, yet somehow it's ALL Mayweather's fault.
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