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Default Re: How did YOU score the Pacquiao Marquez Quadrilogy?

If you look at the fights as they're supposed to be judged, taking the effectiveness of the shots of each round and looking at the fighter controlling the ring, Marquez has got to be handed the rounds easily, not even close.

But if you look at it from the perspective of seeing that Pacquiao is throwing heavy leather, one shot just dropped Marquez and another heavy shot "could" do the same. Then you're looking it from the perspective on not whats happening in the ring but what could happen if Pacquiao would to land series of heavy shots.

Pacquiao never consistently landed the shots through the phases of the rounds but only did so once or twice each during the whole entire fights.

Fight 3 he did'nt even do that. FIght 3 Pacquiao landed zero of real significance.

If the fights are judged by what actually is occuring and not by the stereotype of what each fighter is capable of achieving, its not even close, Marquez controls the rounds and wins them going away.

Fight 1 9-3 Marquez

Fight 2 9-3 Marquez

Fight 3 10-2 Marquez

Fight 4 Marquez forced to fight Pacquiao's game and avoid judging.
Marquez KTFO Pacquiao in round 6!
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