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Default Re: looks like Klitschko-Pianeta

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
I never said anything is 100% Floyd's fault, nor did I say that Wlad was 100% free of blame. Boxing is a nasty business and there's alot of bull**** behind the scenes (especially in the HW division). It's like I always tell my friends who are novice fans - there's "grey area" to every fight; it's not as black and white as it appears on the surface.

I'm just saying that Wlad has way less options, yet tries to make the top fights and gets in the ring 2-3 times a year. With the weakness of the division and unwillingness of the top contenders to face him, there's maybe 1 solid/legit match up a year for Wlad. That means the other 1-2 fights are gonna be tough to make. Then add the fact that he's been splitting the division with his brother (which won't be a problem soon) and it makes those issues even worse. He can't help the era he fights in.

That's why I'm not as critical of guys like Wlad in comparison to Floyd - who calls himself the greatest ever, yet is known more for the bouts he didn't have than the ones he did. I'd rather Wlad fight 3 times a year, even is 2 of those bouts are against the Pianetas of the world, instead of fighting once a year against Povetkin on PPV.

I am tough on Floyd, but that's because Mayweather has made a career of sitting on the sidelines while everybody else fights, then popping in when he feels like it and being very opportunistic with his match making. I rate Floyd as the #1 p4p fighter in the world right now; I'm going to hold him to the highest standard possible. He deserves that.
You still didn't address the reasons why Floyd hasn't fought the guys YOU felt he should have. Like who? Margarito?

The only fight he missed was Cotto that would have done anything for him.

He tried to get the Pac fight but neither wanted to budge to make the fight.
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