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Default Re: anyone trained to become an abae official?

Originally Posted by dempseys right View Post
Ive seen the test, infact 3 people took it for our club said that they agreed with the scoring etc of the participants,ie everybody on same playing feild. later at shows they were judging and reffing contests to virtualy an incompetant level, like doing what your supposed to on your driving test then driving on the wrong side of the road when your licenced. but hopefully you wont be one of them who favour or listen to rumours and score accordingly, put your ear to the ground and listen to the **** they say about little boys from the travelling comunity, watch the scoring in some of there bouts, im a fury, and ive experinced and seen some of the biggest **** you would see in boxing, i know what they can do mate, and it can be disgracefull.
What was the test like mate? You think the judges/refs were swayed to perform like this or they wouldn't be given anymore bouts? Shocking to hear but not totally unexpected. I would aim to be as neutral as possible as you could ruin someone's dreams hardwork through dishonesty which would defy the point of doing this
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