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Default Re: WSB (World Series of Boxing) - Season 3

Round 2

Hrgovic is beating Joyce to the punch, putting in the 1-2 and then taking a double hop back. Big 1-2 by Hrgovic. Joyce keeps pumping his arms out the whole time, even while getting caught. Everything behind the jab from Joyce. Hrgovic is in and out, straights to the head and body. Clubbing right over the top by Hrgovic. Joyce hops around and brushes with his jab. Hrgovic keeps timing the slow jab with flush right hand leads, knocking Joyce's head back. Joyce tries a slow hook and gets knocked back by a hard left-right battering ram combo from Hrgovic. Big hook wound up by Joyce and he's countered by another 1-2. Both men land jabs on the inside. 1-2 by Joyce, putting Hrgovic on the ropes. Hrgovic slaps his way out with overhands. Hrgovic carries his hands low and winds up big shots. Joyce is caught by jabs and overhands while slowly pushing his jab.

10-9 Hrgovic

20-18 Hrgovic
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