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Default Re: List opponents you'd want W.Klitschko to face

Originally Posted by cippi View Post
povetkin!!!! easy ...

besides that everyone else i wanna see him fight r in fights..

but fury and pulev are next in line if they win there upcoming fights.

fury gunna beat cunningham im pretty confident in that

and also im pretty confident pulev will beat adamek. adamek just seems to be on such a decline after gettin demolished by vitaly. he lost to chambers and cunningham and jst got a lucky decision
I don't understand all this interest with Wlad fighting Povetkin. Really? Povetkin couldn't beat Huck, well not decisively anyway.
Huck's been knocked out by Cunningham, who isn't a big hitting Cruiserweight. Wlad vs Povetkin isn't really going to be competitive.

To be fair, there isn't that many fights out there for him, but I'm gonna go down the list out of worthy contenders:

Pulev - Why not, he knocked out a 300lb fighter, he isn't fat and shot to sh**.
Adamek - Hell no. Just look at the Vitali fight.
Haye - Let him fight Vitali first.
Fury - Yes, mainly because he's been running his mouth and actually hasn't fought a good fighter besides Chisora. Either way, he's getting sparked.
Solis - I don't mind this, as long as Solis doesn't come in heavy. The dude is a lot more skilled than a lot of these contenders.
Helenius - Not really. Just look at his physique, his waist is bigger than his chest.
Arreola - If he beats Stiverne and is in better shape, than yes. He comes to fight and has alot of heart. He ain't going to quite or turn up for a paycheck.
Wilder - Simply needs more fights. But it'd definitely be exciting.
Price - If my money were on anyone, it would be Price. Maybe later on in 2013, he needs more fights and needs to do it quick.

So as you can see from the list, there ain't many. These are the best contenders and still some of them aren't in the best shape, it's just a bit of a disgrace to be honest. However, I feel that Price has the tools to beat Wlad. He's bigger than him, maybe just as strong, but that right hand he has is killer.

Wlad had 3 fights in 2012. Wach - Just wack, he's big, got a heck of a chin, but seriously lacking in skill. Thompson - Old. In bad shape. Mormeck - Old. Small. Washed up.

The young hungry fighters we have in the Heavyweight division have got to STEP UP. It's not good for boxing, it's not good for the Klitschko's legacy either.
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