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Exclamation F*** it, someone had to say it... Past Boxing Era OVERRATED!!

There I said it. I am a TAD tired of people putting everything that they didn't get to see live on a pedestal. It seems as if the more black and white and damaged a fighters footage is, the better they are.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? With todays technology advances in sports science, THERE IS NO WAY THOSE CAVEMEN COULD HAVE KEPT UP with todays fighters. It is what it is. I'VE SEEN MARCIANO, IVE SEEN LOUIS.. are you kidding me? They are nothing impressive.

The only phenomenom that I admit was a beast was prime Tyson. Now Joe Louis here's to you, same with Marciano, same with Robinson,

Prime Roy Jones, Prime Pacquiao, Prime Mayweather, Prime Trinidad, Prime De La Hoya, Prime Bernard Hopkins, Prime Golovkin .. WOULD ALL DEMOLISH THOSE FOOLZ.

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