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Default Re: F**k it, someone had to say it... Past Boxing Era OVERRATED!!

Originally Posted by ko00 View Post
because without the knowledge, training of today,diet,fitness, footage to find other fighters weakness's/style they still went out there and did 15 rounds of masterclass taking bigger hits but with a body less trained than todays that take less punishment?
WELL , again, why are they rated higher than the fighters this generation?

I get your point, I truly do. Let's give that era the advantages we have today and measure both generations on an even playing field.

HOWEVER, that's not how it should be. Let's take basketball for example, Dr. J and Bird are still impressive even comparing them with footage of todays players. Different training circumstances, still impress. Jordan, even though he slipped into the late 2000s, is still considered the greatest and with reason compared to someone like LeBron who looks like he's on PEDs. That says something.

I am NOT impressed at all by past fighters and when I compare them to todays fighters, I believe there is a higher talent level in our generation.

I see a Manny Pacquiao then I look at a Joe Louis and I mean Pac stands out. Power, speed, aggressiveness, both hands are equally demolishing. Mayweather with his defensive style, I have never seen a fighter dominate defense like that.
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