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Default Re: F**k it, someone had to say it... Past Boxing Era OVERRATED!!

Originally Posted by ko00 View Post
come on man you get guys like ortiz and mikey garcia quitting with broken bones back then they would fight with their eyes hanging out until they went down

im not saying todays fighters are *****s hell they would **** me up but compared to the past those guys were tough as nails

in a fantasy world give them the training of today ect and they would show just as much class facing todays fighters as they did in their era
How do you know if fighters from that era wouldn't have quit against the more brutal fighters of today? Let's face it, PEDs turn you into a machine. Not saying Josesito Lopez is on PEDs but they're taking substances that enhance their performances.

Fighters from that generation battled the opponent across from them who trained the traditional way.
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