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Default Re: F**k it, someone had to say it... Past Boxing Era OVERRATED!!

cool for being open to other opinions but these fighters of today were put in a gym most likely at 5/6/7/8 years old and given the right basics from that age to fight back then alot of fighters made their own way into the sport and only then improving when there was a coach with the knowledge to train their talent what im saying is todays fighters have all the head starts they need

im not saying todays fighters are not better because i really dont think you can compare

look at formula one the cars where dog**** in the 50's basically like driving buses where as today they are like can have all the talent you want but can only work within the limits of that sport at the time like basketball methods equipment, better ***** make alot of difference over a career...imagine a gym in the past eras compared to now targeting specific muscles, reactions, the list goes on

you only have to look at sprinting and how the times have fallen i dont think its humans that have evolved so much just methods to get the best out of a sportsman are so much better
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