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Default Re: Guerrero wanted $4 million. Floyd only willing to give $2.5 million

Originally Posted by box4life11 View Post
Mayweather wouldn't fight anyone the fans think would be a real threat.
ya I'm sure
Originally Posted by Bob Arum
"I think Cotto probably beats Mayweather. I think Manny probably beats Mayweather and I think Mosley beats Mayweather. I think Shane Mosley, because of his style, has the best chance to beat Mayweather. The fight that should be made is Mayweather and Shane Mosley. But Mayweather won’t take that fight. He won’t take any fight where there is any possibility where he might lose. Money is secondary with him. He will not take a chance like a normal fighter. He cares more about his legacy and being able to retire undefeated, so he could say that he never lost a fight."
Originally Posted by box4life11 View Post
When did I say he was a natural 154 pounder I said he shouldn't fight at 154 if he isn't gonna stay there

So let me get this st8 you think Devon is the best option if so how because nobody will buy this ****
I never said Devon was the best option. I think Trout, Canelo, Sergio, Kirkland, Lara, Guerrero, Bradley, and Danny Garcia are better fights
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