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Default Re: F**k it, someone had to say it... Past Boxing Era OVERRATED!!

Originally Posted by Low Blow Combos View Post
Sorry, I know I am capable of a more civilized discussion. I just like to spice it up a little bit.

And very well put, Dom. I've seen a TON of amazing fights from our current generation and when I look at the top P4P list, it seems to be plagued with these black and white fighters. I mean... damn...... I have never seen a phenomenon like Pacquiao in any of those so called "legends". Same with Mayweather.

IMO, Pac and Mayweather should be in the top 10 of all time in the first 5 spots. Pacquiao 1st, Mayweather 5th.
You have a good point and took a nose dive with the follow up. Like paul williams over hearns? Hearns is not 50s, 60s classic of black and white who just fight majority cans.

Also Paciquao is a beast but no way is he higher than Mayweather. Also how much of Pac's success came from Lancing?
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