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Default Re: If Vitali hadn't been stopped due to the cut on his eye

Vitali Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis


Vitali took the fight on just 10 days notice.

Vitali was clearly winning the fight 4-2 on all 3 scorecards at the time of the controversial bull**** doctor stoppage. Lewis barely survived the 2nd round and almost got KO'd, he was out on his feet, badly hurt, holding on for dear life, wobbling everywhere and staggering around the ring like a drunk. Lewis was badly hurt several times in the fight, he was battered from pillar to post, outslugged, outgunned, outmuscled, outskilled, outboxed, outlanded in every round, dominated and outclassed by Vitali.

Punches Landed

Vitali 156

Lewis 102

Lewis was exhausted, worn down and hurt from the accumulation of punches and was ready to get KTFO again, he collapsed onto his stool at the end of the 6th round, Vitali was clearly the fresher of the two, he would've KO'd Lewis for sure if the fight had continued.

Vitali got robbed. The corrupt doctor and ref were on Lennox's payroll. It should've been a TD6 win for Vitali.

Official Scorecards

Pat Russell: Vitali 58-56

James Jen-Kin: Vitali 58-56

Tom Kaczmarek: Vitali 58-56

Sky Sports: Vitali 58-56

HBO: Vitali 58-56

Lennox's mom: Vitali 58-56

After the fight, Vitali intimidated the **** out of Lewis and made him look like a *****. The whole crowd cheered for Vitali and booed Lewis out of the arena.

Lewis promised Vitali a rematch.

Vitali destroyed Kirk Johnson in 2 rounds and called out Lewis again in the post fight interview. The gutless coward Lewis retired shortly after that fight.

Lewis turned down 40 million dollars for a rematch and retired like a coward because he knew he would get destroyed by Vitali.

Even Emanuel Steward was upset and ****ed off at Lewis for blatantly ducking a Vitali rematch.

Lewis is scared to death of Vitali.

Vitali dominated Lewis and scared him into retirement.

Vitali wasn't even in his prime yet.

Lewis was 37 and was still in his prime when he got his ass whooped by Vitali. He was coming off the win over Tyson. In the Lewis-Tyson post fight interview Lewis said "I'm like fine wine, I get better with age"

Before the Vitali fight, Lewis said "I'm at the peak of my powers, I will keep fighting for many more years"

Lewis was battered from pillar to post, badly hurt several times, outboxed, outskilled, outgunned, outmuscled, outslugged, outlanded in every round, outpointed, outclassed, dominated, emasculated and retired by Vitali.

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